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The 40th anniversary of the foundation

40th Anniversary

Slogan and emblem celebrating the 40th anniversary of the foundation of Ansan Universtiy contains a will to grow as a prestigious private school by preparing proudly for coming future not satisfied with today’s development.

The 40th anniversary of the foundation! If the universtiy has achievement 100 times growth in its past 40 year history of steady piling up on the foundation of truth, freedom and faithfulness, the emblem expresses future-oriented spirit desiring to grow as sustainable universtiy for 100 years over the next 50 years through qualitative growth as well as quantitative growth for the next 40 years.

안산대학교 40주년안산대학교 40주년안산대학교 40주년

Color System

안산대학교 40주년
PANTOME 660cC83 M56 Y3 K0
PANTOME 2593cC62 M87 Y0 K0
PANTOME 362cC75 M22 Y1 K0
PANTOME 2746cC100 M96 Y8 K0
  • Last edited 2021.01.27