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Challenge your dreams in Ansan University
Ansan University

The department of nursing

Nurses practicing love for humanity

The nursing department established in 1973 has cultivated nursing professionals who seek for health improvement, health restoration, disease prevention and relief of suffering of target people by utilizing scientific knowledge and professional technology and played a role as leaders based on the Christianity.

Inquiry on department
031-400-6930 / 7106 / 7018
Rooms 302 of ‘Sungsil Hall’

Available licenses
Nurse license, nurse-teacher license and health teacher license
Career after graduation
Hospitals (General hospital and university hospital) nurse clinician/ Industry health administrator/ nurse teacher/ Community nurse in health center/Professional nurse course after graduation/Overseas nurse employment after obtaining overseas nurse license /Studying overseas in overseas affiliated university/universtiy
  • Last edited 2022.10.18