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The department of financial information

Cultivate professional specialized in financial, accounting information, clerical and administration leading the 21st finance 4.0

The department cultivates professionals specialized in financial office work, accounting tax, clerical and administrative field having practical ability including finance, accounting, tax, asset management and computer. The department operates employment-centered curriculum including industry-university collaboration with domestic leading companies and produces professionals specialized in finance, accounting information and clerical and administrative work to serve for financial institutions, public office/public entity, tax and accounting firm, asset management company, insurance company (damage adjustment/actuary), and corporate entity.

Inquiry on department
Truth Hall No. 531

Available licenses
Fund investment broker, securities investment broker, bank teller, asset manager (FP), ERP information manager, certified computer certification, computerized accounting, computerized tax, FAT, TAT, certified real estate agent, tax accountant and accountant
Career after graduation
Financial institution (bank and card company), corporate entity, accounting firm, tax accounting form, insurance company (damage adjustment/actuary), asset management company, accountants, tax accountant, public officer, public institutions, national health insurance corporation, medical insurance related institution such as hospital, faculty, transfer admission and overseas employment.
  • Last edited 2021.01.27