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Ansan University

The department of air secretary /clerical service

The department cultivates professionals having good personality and service leadership specialized in the best domestic air secretary and clerical service suitable to Glocal era.

The department has the educational goal to cultivate personnel for professional secretary/clerical service and aeronautical ground crew having professional knowledge, practical ability and sophisticated service mind. The department provides students with the best faculties, educational program and school-work links customized education in the cutting-edge practical environment for educational training for domestic and the best professional secretary/clerical personnel and air ground crew

Inquiry on department
Truth Hall No. 143

Available licenses
Secretary certificate, certificate of flight ticket reservation, computerized accounting certificate, MOS certificate and word processor certificate
Career after graduation
Professional secretary or office worker (conglomerate, foreign company, financial institution, general hospital, law firm and educational institution)/ ground crew, aviation office, aviation service/ secretary and clerical work/secretary, office work, educational service/enrollment in major deepening courses for 4 year bachelor’s degree in the department of international secretary/clerical service of Ansan Universtiy
  • Last edited 2021.01.27