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Ansan University

UI Design

University Identity

Symbol mark of Ansan University Download

As a representative design factor symbolizing the university, the symbol establishes the identity of Ansan University and plays the most important role forming integrated image of the university.

Symbol mark is consisting of ‘A’ representing ‘Ansan’, ‘U’ representing ‘University’ and ‘S’ representing smooth and dynamic energy. Handling in curve the part of left top and right bottom of AU, strong and bold characters, this symbol gives shape to the image of university where the toughness and smoothness co-exist.

Symbol markRule of use of symbol mark


Symbol markBasic form/abbreviation form


안산대학교 로고안산대학교 로고

Color System

PANTONE 7683CC85 M50 Y0 K5
PANTONE 2717CC37 M13 Y0 K0
PANTONE 7688CC64 M30 Y0 K0
PANTONE 7693CC100 M76 Y26 K14
PANTONE 663CC0 M0 Y0 K10
PANTONE Cool Gray 6CC0 M0 Y0 K40
PANTONE 7540CC0 M0 Y0 K80
  • Last edited 2021.01.27