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Challenge your dreams in Ansan University
Ansan University

Overview of innovative university

Project of university innovation support
Obtain class A of annual evaluation

What is the innovative support project of university?

The ‘University Innovation Support Project’ to be carried out by the Ministry of Education and the Korea Research Foundation for 3 years from 2019 is the largest scale project to which annual 300 billion won is invested financially so that the project will be automatically carried out according to mid and long term development plan of the university by itself for voluntary innovation and strengthening of competitiveness of universities.

In order to carry out successfully the project supporting for cultivating technical expert talents customized for the social needs including innovation of higher vocational education system, national and regional strategic industry and specialization by taking account of future demand, Ansan university sets up ‘AU WINGS + ability based educational innovation’ as its goal and carries out the project leading an innovation of ability based educational system, ability centered vocational education, infrastructure, glocal governance system.

Objectives and organizational chart of university innovation support

Project objective

AU WINGS+ ability based educational innovation

Strategic objective

The 5th place of employment rate
achieved the 5th place in capital area through strengthening employment ability and educational innovative ability
The 5th place of student recruitment rate
achieved the 5th place in capital area through strengthening educational innovative ability and student-centered system
505 Project

University’s strategic objectives of the 5th place of employment rate and student recruitment rate in 2023, the 50th anniversary of foundation of the University which the University desires to achieve through 2021 recommendation of AU VISION of university development plan proposal

Strategic direction

  • Innovation of educational systemAbility based Innovation of educational system
  • oriented vocational education Infrastructure innovationoriented vocational education Infrastructure innovation
  • Glocal governance Systematic innovationGlocal governance Systematic innovation

Strategic tasks

  • Wellness
    Strengthening of ability
  • Convergence and creativity
    Strengthening of ability
  • Site practice
    Strengthening of ability
  • Glocal communication
    Strengthening of ability
  • Sharing volunteer work
    Strengthening of ability

Autonomous performance indicators

AU WINGS+ building cultivation model of creative talented person through ability-based educational innovation
  • W Wellness ability indicator
  • I Integration and convergence ability indicator
  • N Field -practical ability indicator
  • G Glocal ability indicator
  • S Satisfaction rate ability indicator

Direction of progress

  • Cultivate essential creative talented people in the 4th industrial revolution era through innovation of educational system based on AU essential ability
  • Build and advance win-win industry-university collaboration system through infrastructural innovation of ability-oriented vocational education
  • Make contribution to local community and take a leap as regional base university through carrying out industry-university collaboration governance
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