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Challenge your dreams in Ansan University
Ansan University

Greetings from the chairman of board of directors

ANSAN UNIVERSITYUniversity cultivating glocal creative talented people having the love of Christ

Ansan University really understands,
sincerely welcomes and loves you.

Ansan University is a practice-oriented university for cultivating glocal, creative and talented people who will make contribution to local community and national development through practice of Christian spirit and professional education.

Making huge strides for the 50th anniversary of foundation with its motto of truth, freedom and faithfulness, Ansan University makes its students to find their dream and develop gemlike talents concealed in their inner side.

With the love and under the principle of servant leadership, the University has made its best efforts in cultivating talented people in local community and leaders playing internationally in the past 50 years based on warm and pleasant educational environment, the latest educational facilities and synergy of loving and passionate faculties.

Ansan University will around you as a university we all are proud of with the 21st and new mission of the times.

The Chairman of board of directors Sunggye Oh오성계
  • Last edited 2021.01.27