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Challenge your dreams in Ansan University
Ansan University

The department of multimedia design

Convergence of humanities, design, art and engineering

What kind of answer we can listen when we ask the best way to predict the future to Steve Jobs, Leonardo da Vinci, and King Sejong? We cannot meet them now and we may infer an answer to that question from their common features. It is very interesting fact that they are convergence typed talented people who showed by themselves that they created the future based on their imagination and challenge spirit. The department of multimedia design of Ansan Universtiy was established first in 1997 in order to cultivate this kind of convergence-typed talented students. In particular, the department operates a curriculum for cultivating innovative and creative talented student who can converge their imagination based on humanities and cultural and artistic sensitivity of design with cutting-edge media technologies and lead the new era in the future beyond the boundary of studies.

Inquiry on department
Truth Hall No. 510

Available licenses
Visual design industrial technician, colorist industrial technician, web design specialists, GTQ, MOS
Career after graduation
  • Web design: web designer/web publisher, advertisement designer and web developer
  • Multimedia content: edit designer, UI/graphic designer, printing and visual designer, planning and UX designer and shopping mall MD
  • Digital image editing: video directing PD/AD, video shooting and editing designer, motion graphic designer
  • Start-up and freelancer: Web/app/graphic/video design agency
  • Entering schools and transfer admission: visual/industrial design, information and communication, broadcasting/video/photo, culture and art
  • Last edited 2022.10.18