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Challenge your dreams in Ansan University
Ansan University

Remote learning (E-Learning)


You will discover the first hope for dreamy ubiquitous campus in this place you are presently looking at- ACE (Ansan Universtiy E-campus).


Web technology appearing with information society makes us experience e-learning, entirely new way of learning.E-learning is drawing particular attention in companies, schools and home as a tool for realization of learner-centered learning and continuing education.

In order to help for home study of enrolled students, e-learning is operated by Ansan Universtiy based on interaction between professors and students across time and space so that Ansan Universtiy will become an exemplary learning community. Various regular classes and quality open classes provided at this site will enhance the quality of your learning.

This teaching/learning support center will not only support for professors in preparing high-quality e-learning but also provide them with e-learning tip, a methodology which makes e-learning used effectively in classes. In addition, the center will be more supportive to the students in developing self-regulated learning ability through e-learning and being positioned as outstanding individuals in this competitive society.

The teaching/learning support center spares no effort in making our universtiy to become more superior educational venue than any other educational institutions and desires to be a faithful supporter to the faculties and students of this universtiy.

  • Last edited 2021.01.27