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The department of hotel cooking

Global hotel cook promoting globalization of Korean cuisines

As the needs for professionals specialized in hotel and eat-out business in the 21st century industrialization and this internationalization era, the department educates and cultivates global hotel culinary staffs who will be employed in overseas five-star hotels, promote globalization of Korean cuisines in the front line and make contribution in improving happiness for the human through overseas internship and overseas employment through cooking theories and site-centered practical training for oriental and western cuisines, intensive foreign language learning and various globalization programs.

Inquiry on department
Truth Hall No. 136

Available licenses
Cook for Korean cuisines, cook for western cuisines, cook for Japanese cuisines, cook for Chinese cuisines, Barista license, bartender license, food stylist and pastry baker license
Career after graduation
Food coordinator of overseas five-star hotels, domestic five-star tourist hotels, airlines and cruise catering, restaurant manager, restaurant industrial consultant, overseas study and transfer admission to overseas affiliated universtiy/university
  • Last edited 2022.10.18