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The department of clinical pathology

Health keeper scientifically analyzing diseases

Clinical pathology department educates students to have judgment ability in making diagnosis, process and treatment effect and treatment of diseases through basic science theory and sufficient practical training and cultivates specialized medical technologists who will make contribution and services for improving health promotion and national health.

Inquiry on department
Free tube 306 clinical pathology

Available licenses
Medical technologists, international cell pathologist (IAC), test animal technician, medical technologists in USA (ASCPI)
Career after graduation
Laboratory medicine in medical institutions (general hospital, university hospital, and another hospital), diagnostic pathology, physiological function examination room, industrial medicine/basic bioengineering research institute/public health service (National Institute of Health, Health Environment Agency, Public health center, and Quarantine Office)/Environment hygiene manager/medical device and reagent company/pharmaceutical company/protocol officer
  • Last edited 2022.10.18