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Challenge your dreams in Ansan University
Ansan University

The department of visual media design

Cultivate next generation visual design leader who balances cutting-edge technologies with artistic imagination

The department educates new concept of design and differentiated representabilityleading digital convergence era based on visual media. In addition, the department cultivates important designer and creators with Christian personality, artistic and digital sensibility through educational system combining the needs of diversified, cutting-edge future industrial sites with educational practical training and curriculum.

Inquiry on department
Truth Hall No. 516

Available licenses
GTQ, ACA, computer graphic operation technician, e-publication technician, multimedia content production expert, colorist industrial technician, packing industrial technician, web technician
Career after graduation
  • Web/mobile design field: Web agency, mobile digital content developer, web design company, UI/UX design company
  • Digital advertisement/edit design field: advertisement agency, advertisement planning office, printing/editing company, publishing company, CI/BI development firm, UCC multimedia firm
  • Character/brand design field: 2D/3D character development firm, fancy design company, illustration firm, 3D animation development company, game graphic company, 3D printing education company
  • Others: Business start-up, freelancer, continue to study and transfer admission
  • Last edited 2021.01.14