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Ansan University

The department of social welfare services

Creative social worker with passion

The demand of personnel specialized in social welfare rapidly increases due to aging, low birth rate and social polarization. The department is a place for prestigious welfare education creating happiness and cultivating personnel of practice-oriented social welfare and childcare.

[Selected as the best department in evaluation of departments by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in 2008]
Major deepening course for 4 year bachelor’s degree/3- year universtiy degree program /3-year industrial consignment universtiy degree program

Inquiry on department
Truth Hall No. 303

Available licenses
  • Certificate of class 2 social worker, class 2 childcare teacher and class 1 recreation teacher
  • Major deepening programs: health home counselor, class 2 youth field specialist and school social worker
Career after graduation
Community welfare center, senior welfare center, rehabilitation center for the disabled, national/public /private daycare center, community child center, day/nighttime protection center, childcare facilities, nursing home, senior care center, living facilities for the disabled, cohabitation home, public officer dedicated to social work and transfer admission to overseas affiliated universtiy/university
  • Last edited 2022.10.18