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The department of health care and medical information

Global medical information specialists necessary for total and integrated service of public health, medicine and IT

Medical information field is promising one in the age of U-Health which has been extensively growing as the need of health and welfare increases. The department educates global cutting-edge technologies and public health /medical services for convergence of public health service and IT and cultivates medical information specialists having special knowledge and higher sense of vocational ethics required in public health and medical field.

Inquiry on department
Free Hall No. 412, Medical Information Division

Available licenses
Hospital administrator, medical information manager, medical insurance manager, hospital coordinator, and national certification licenses related to computers.
Career after graduation
Medical information service: department of general affairs and administration of public health and medical institutions/insurance review and management department/coordinator for treatment, consultation and reception of medical institutions
Medical information system: IT companies specialized in medical information/medical information office and computer room of medical institutions/ companies specialized in medical devices
  • Last edited 2021.01.27