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Ansan University

The department of tax and accounting

Professional specialized in tax and accounting as the leader of the 21st century global management

The department has its educational goal to cultivate professionals specialized in financial accounting, tax and accounting having sound personality and ability to creatively solve the problems by expanding site-centered practical education and practical opportunity for strengthening competitiveness in the 21st global competition era. (major deepening course for 4 year bachelor’s degree)

Inquiry on department
Truth Hall No. 502-1

Available licenses
CPA, tax accountant, cost inspector, cost analysist, finance manager, tax accounting, corporate accounting, accounting manager, FAT, TAT, computerized accounting, computerized tax, ERP accounting, BMA
Career after graduation
Companies (conglomerate, mid and small sized companies and broadcasting companies), financial institutions (bank, credit association, savings bank), hospital, accounting firm, tax corporation, tax and accounting office, public officer, accountant and tax accountant.
  • Last edited 2021.01.27